Catalina Island Map Guide

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The Catalina Island Ferry departs at 9 am. Check in is 1 hour before departure, but it's a long line. So, get there early to get a good seat or 15 min before departure and plan to stand. The ride home departs at 4:30 pm, so check in / the line starts at 3:30 pm on the island – The cruise is 90 minutes on the water in each direction. If you are late to departure, you’ll have to find a hotel for the night, (if there are any left), so plan ahead. It is super easy to get carried away with all the activities, shops, and restaurants here, and 3:30 will come before you know it. From Newport Beach, the cost is $35 each way in advance and $7 each way for your E Bike. (yet, they never collected the $7 bike ferry both times we went).


1. Welcome to Catalina Island -

From the boat, you’ll see parasailing, paddleboarders, scuba and snorkelers, Golf Carts, and E bike rentals – good thing you brought your own because if you rent E bikes or Carts here, it will cost $100 to $250 for the 6 hour visit. On this self guided tour, I’m listing OUR favorite stops. Of course, the entire island is a well known mountain bike trail, but you cannot take your E bike on dirt roads, and need a permit in many areas to mountain bike the rugged terrain. So please stick to paved roads… Plus you need to be back at 3:30.

Rent Kayaks, Snorkel Gear, and Paddle Boards by the hour or the day – wetsuits available too for off season scuba. You’ll pay around $20 an hour for a kayak, SUP, Wetsuit, fins, masks, and snorkels. If you want to see the underwater world, but don’t want to get wet, skip ahead to stop 4.

The 800 ft flight is $80 PP and $40 per group for photos and you can have up 1,2, or 3 people at the same time. It's a 10 minute flight in the air, but you'll be on the water for 30-45 minutes with other couples / groups.

Super cool partly submerged Submarine touring the island for you to see the real locals.  The cost is about $45 each and lasts about 45 minutes long. This attraction attracts families, so heads up if you are looking for a “couples” only experience. There are plenty of those coming up.

No reservations, so get there when they open at 11AM to get an unobstructed view of the Ocean and Marina. Great food, great view, great lunch or dinner spot.

This is a 2 hour tour. A shuttle will take you to the top of the ridge about 600 feet above sea level. Expect the most amazing Ocean and Land views as you zip line tower to tower. Five Towers with speeds of about 35 MPH. Bro. Total Rush!

This excursion is $120 pp off season and $140 PP during busy season.

I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves here. If you want a Cabana and a butler, book early online - $100-$400. You can also just walk into the bar /restaurant /patio and find a table indoors or outdoors. We come here for AMAZING Chips and Salsa, and a cold Corona after Zip Lining. They have 80s concerts here, Live Djs, and it's just an adult party on the weekends.

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