Newport Map Guide

Wake up and ride at your own pace. Let the chalk arrows lead the way. Taste Local Culture.

Boutiques, shops, and a required stop in Newport Beach. Choose from great waterside restaurants like Malibu Farm, Nobu, Zinque, and Lido Bottle Works.

2. Newport Beach Pier -

Home of the Historic Dory Fleet Fish Market, this stop next to the pier is where you get the freshest seafood right off the boat. Shrimp, Crab, Lobster, Sea Urchin, Cod, Red Snapper, Yellowtail. Stop at our two favorite seafood restaurants – Crab Cooker and Rockin Baja, (order a bucket).

3. Balboa Pier  -

Required Stop for great Mexican Food with a view – Cabo Cantina – Also a fav Breakfast Burrito and mimosa brunch. It’s an E bike staple! If you want coffee and a muffin or a full breakfast – Boardwalk by Balboa Lilys will not disappoint. They have 2 locations right next door to each other - one is a coffee shop and one is a restaurant.

4. Balboa Fun Zone  -

Arcade Games, pizza spots, and Ice cream shops line fun zone. This is the place to rent Jet skis and Duffys, and and go sportfishing or whale watching on a tour boat , or even catch the Catalina Flyer to Catalina Island – Cost is $35 each way in advance and $7 each way for your E Bike You can take your bike with you. Book ALL your boat rentals in advance. They book out fast.

There’s an ATM in the Fun Center – Grab the next ferry to Balboa Island – yes, Bring your Bike with you – It’s a $1.25 for each rider with a bike. It’s a VERY short cruise – 5 minutes on the water to get to Balboa Island. The Ferry IS an experience on its own.

6. Balboa Island Shops -

Marine Avenue is home to chic coastal shops and it is also home of the World Famous Frozen Banana Stand. So many boutique shops, candy stores, and restaurants, you could easily find whatever you’re looking for. Insider scoop - there is a little unassuming Swiss French Restaurant called “Basilic” – and OMG. A Balboa MUST.

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