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Reserve your ebike rental online and we deliver them to your home, hotel, Airbnb, or VRBO.

Enjoy a stress free vacation. Skip the hour long lines, parking lots, and gas stations. Vacation like a local.

Ready to buy? We offer FREE shipping and a 1 year warranty on all new bikes.

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Included with
every eBike rental:


Ride safely with a helmet. We carry a wide range of sizes

Bike lock

A bike is only as good as the lock that keeps it safe.

Basket/bike bag

Carry more in our secure basket

Phone Mount

Ride safely with a hands free phone mount

Optional Add-On: Extra Battery Pack

$25 per day. Make sure you have the power you need to go the distance you want.

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After an hour and a half on the open ocean, you’ll arrive in the perfect island paradise where people move a little slower, laugh a little more, and play all day long. Zip Line, Snorkel, Parasail, or lounge in a Cabana. The whole island is Golf Carts and Bikes.
This 10 Mile Oceanfront Bike Path has stops every couple of miles where you can enjoy great food, live music, and amazing views all day long. It is the ultimate eBike experience, and most locals are eBike enthusiasts.
With over 9000 boats docked within the Newport Harbor on one side, and a 3 mile oceanfront bike path on the other, this beachfront marina city is the perfect place to spend a day exploring on your eBike.

Why We Are Salty


Hello from Bryan and Susie, Owners and Operators of Salty Cruisers, as well as Huntington Beach locals. The first time we rented eBikes, we fell in love with the freedom of exploring Coastal California out in the sun, riding along the coast from Huntington Beach to Newport. 

We were “salty” because in order to rent eBikes here, you first had to drive to the rental location by the beach. If you’re a local, or if you’ve ever vacationed here, you know that there is no parking anywhere, and a lot of walking from the far away pay lots. So, we drove around looking for a parking spot, paid $30 to park for 4 hours, walked to the rental location, stood in line, signed paperwork, then we watched the clock to make sure we returned the eBikes in time for our 4 hour rental, and before the meter ran out of time. We wanted to have the bikes for sunset dining, but the rental shops all closed at 5:30. We wanted to go to breakfast on eBikes, but the shops don’t open till 10am.

After that experience, we knew there was a need for an eBike delivery service for locals and tourists that want overnight and weekly rentals.

Now we are "salty" because we spend our days and nights riding along the beautiful coastline and breathing in the salty air whenever we want.